"Naught" [Deceased]


Race Iconic Framework Rank XP
Human Crazy Seasoned 44
Parry Toughness Pace Charisma Strain
6 8 14 -1 6


Edge Summary
Quick If dealt a 5 or lower in combat, I can discard and redraw until I get a card >5
Attractive +2 CHA
Major Psionic Effect on game
Master Psionic Effect on game
Rapid Recharge Effect on game
Jack of All Trades Ignores -2 penalty for unskilled Smarts-based skill rolls.
Dead Shot When dealt a Joker in combat, double total damage for successful shooting/throwing attacks that round.
Two-Fisted Can make weapon attacks using weapons in each hand w/out suffering multi-action penalty.
Off the Handle Trigger Losing It as a free action.
Strong Willed Adds a +2 bonus to Taunt and Intimidation checks.
Tricky Fighter Can make a Trick (Smarts) and Fighting check without multi-action penalty.
Level Headed Can act on the better of two cards.


Hindrance Effect
Vengeful Character is willing to kill in order to rectify a perceived injustice.
Death Wish Character has an important goal to accomplish before they are ready to die.
Mean -2 CHA
One-Eyed -1 Charisma due to grotesque wound. -2 to any Trait roll that requires depth perception.


Agiility Strength Vigor Smarts Spirit
d10 d8 d8 d10 d6


Skill Die Notes
Notice d6 +2 to roll
Tracking d4 +2 to roll
Intimidation d6 +4 to roll
Taunt d8 +2 to roll
Psionics d10 -
Persuasion d4 +2 to roll
Fighting d10 -
Shooting d10 -
Language – American d10 -


Armor Name Armor Toughness Min Str Weight Notes
Cyber Knight Light Armor 4 0 N/A 2/9 lbs +2" pace (factored in), +1" to leaping, Wall Walker, -1PPE/hr


Weapon Name Range Damage AP RoF Capacity Min Str Weight Notes
Vibrosword Melee Str+d10 4 - - - 9 lbs MD
Sample Ranged Weapon 12/24/48 2d6 2 2 24 - 3 lbs 3RB, Semi-Automatic
Sample Heavy Weapon 25/50/100 5d6 8 1 1 d10 7 lbs MD, Snapfire


Gear Name Description Weight Notes
NG-S2 Survival Pack 30 lbs Lots of good stuff


20 0
Power PP ISP/PPE Range Duration Effect
Arcane Power 1 PPE 12/24/48 Instant Important Mechanical Effects


Telekinesis aka “Get Outta My Way”
Tapping into the power granted by the cybernetic implants, Naught can flex her brains better than most people’s muscles. Need objects or people lifted in the air? No problem. Want someone splattered against the surrounding terrain? With pleasure.

Armor aka “That Didn’t Hurt”
Naught can tap into her cybernetic implants to channel extra personal protection.

Teleportation aka “Missed Me”
The instability of the implants can cause Naught to physically shift around the battlefield.


Nothing says scary like a crazed female packing guns, covered in tattoos & armor with the ability to kick your butt with just her mind. Courtesy of some, soon to be dead, scientists, who like installing cybernetic enhancements into helpless children, that’s just what Naught is.

Her entire childhood and adolescence was spent being tested like a guinea pig and she’s very, very unhappy with the people responsible. She managed to escape a couple of years ago but the actual people responsible for her torture weren’t present for the final body count. Since her liberation she has done whatever was required to find those remaining brains she’s not yet scrambled. After some mercenary work, she caught wind through some contacts that someone in The Tomorrow Legion might be able to help her get her hands wrapped around the throats of some soon-to-be corpses… and even enlisting with those “Goody Two-Shoes” won’t stop that.

"Naught" [Deceased]

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