Dragon Hatchling

Race Iconic Framework Rank XP
Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling Novice 0
Parry Toughness Pace Charisma Strain
5 34 (16 MDC) 6 / 12 fly -2 5


Edge Summary
Jack of All Trades Remove -2 penalty on untrained Smarts based skill checks
“Empathy” (Psi HJ #7) Opposed Spirit check against target in Smarts range, get emotional state. Raise can tell if lying


Hindrance Effect
Outsider -2 Charisma when dealing with anyone in the “normal” group


Agiility Strength Vigor Smarts Spirit
d6 d12+4 d6 d6 d8


Skill Die Notes
Fighting d6
Knowledge (Arcana) d6
Psionics d6
Survival d6
Tracking d6


10 10
Power PP ISP/PPE Range Duration Effect
Bolt 1-3 ISP 12/24/48 Instant 1d6 damage per bolt, up to 3, 1 pp ea. 2 pp for single 3d6 bolt
Havoc 2-4 ISP Spirit x 2 Instant MBT, Strength check to avoid 2d6" knockback
Speak Language 1 ISP Touch 10 minutes (1/10 minutes) Speak/Read/Write language


Armor Name Armor Toughness Min Str Weight Notes
Armored Hide 16 MDC +6 - - Only in Dragon Form


Weapon Name Range Damage AP Capacity Weight Notes
Claws Melee Str + 3d6 MD 4 - - Only in Dragon Form
Bite Melee Str + 3d6 MD 4 - - Only in Dragon Form
Tail Lash Melee Str + d8 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form, affects 2″×4″ rectangle, ignores Size
Breath (Bolt) 12/24/48 4d6 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form
Breath (Cone) Cone 2d10 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form, Agility -2 to avoid

Dragon Hatchling

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