Tomorrow Legion

The Tomorrow Legion

In the far north of what was once Arkansas, not far from Branson, Missouri, Castle Refuge stands strong as place of safety, healing, and promise. From the blood of the Juicer Uprising, the terror of the Coalition’s Campaign of Unity, the horrors of Lord Dunscon’s territorial machinations, and the still-smoldering ashes of Tolkeen … from all of this rises both Castle Refuge and its ever-growing garrison of defenders. At first dedicated to ensuring the security of a few thousand displaced and traumatized beings, these defenders are growing into something more — an army of hope and justice called the Tomorrow Legion for a world in need of saving.

The Council of Hope

  • Dhara Hammerheart - High Defender
  • Isaiah Comstock - Councilor of Education
  • Pauala Michelson – Councilor of Diplomacy
  • Hennara – Councilor of Agriculture
  • Raulk Hammerheart – Councilor of Engineering
  • Serena Stargazer – Councilor of Magic
  • Craig Henson – Mayor of Refuge

The Command Staff

  • General Henderson "Hank" MacGruder - General of the Legion
  • Colonel Aneela Doorsine – Chief of Staff
  • Major Albert Deschesne - Intelligence Officer
  • Major Nola Cheney – Logistics Officer
  • Major Robert O'Neal – Security Officer
  • Captain Vince Waller – Communications Officer
  • Top Chief Elle of Owls – CO-SOCOM
  • Sergeant Major Ragnar Thunderaxe – Sergeant Major of the Legion


Ranks, Rewards, and Benefits


Legion Pay
Status Payment
Novice 300cr / Week
Seasoned 450cr / Week
Veteran 600cr / Week
Heroic 1,000cr / Week
Legendary 2,000cr / Week
Hazardous Mission Bonus +2,500 – 10,000 cr
Special Success Bonus +5,000 – 25,000 cr



Military Ranks of the Tomorrow Legion
Rank Benefits and Other Notes
Legionnaire The rank-and-file soldiers of the Legion
Specialist 2nd Class SOCOM Rank, +10% Pay
Specialist 1st Class SOCOM Rank, +20% Pay
Corporal Leadership, Team Level, 3-5 troops. +10% Pay.
Sergeant Leadership, Squad Level, 7-10 troops. +20% Pay.
Chief 2nd Class SOCOM Rank, leads group of 3-10. +20% Pay
Sergeant 1st Class 2iC of Platoon, +25% Pay
Chief 1st Class SOCOM Rank, leads group of 15-25. +25% Pay
Master Sergeant 2iC of company or key Staff. +40% Pay
Master Chief SOCOM Rank, leads up to 100 specialists. +40% pay
Sergeant Major Only one in the Legion currently
Top Chief CO-SOCOM
Lieutenant Command, Platoon, 25-40 troops. +30% Pay
Captain Command, Company, ~200 troops. +40% Pay
Major Command, High import units or Staff, +50% Pay
Colonel Command, Battalion, +75%
General Command, Legion


Tomorrow Legion

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