Dragon Hatchling

Race Iconic Framework Rank XP
Flame Wind Dragon Hatchling Veteran 0
Parry Toughness Pace Charisma Strain
5 34 (16 MDC) 6 / 12 fly -2 5


Edge Summary
Jack of All Trades Remove -2 penalty on untrained Smarts based skill checks
“Empathy” (Psi HJ #7) Opposed Spirit check against target in Smarts range, get emotional state. Raise can tell if lying
Quick Exchange 5 or lower in combat until card higher than 5
Fleet-footed +2 Pace
Martial Artist Never considered unarmed, +d4 strength DMG with successful attack


Hindrance Effect
Outsider -2 Charisma when dealing with anyone in the “normal” group


Agiility Strength Vigor Smarts Spirit
d6 d12+5 d8 d6 d10


Skill Die Notes
Fighting d12
Knowledge (Arcana) d6
Psionics d6
Survival d6
Tracking d6
Notice d8


10 10
Power PP ISP/PPE Range Duration Effect
Bolt 1-3 ISP 12/24/48 Instant 1d6 damage per bolt, up to 3, 1 pp ea. 2 pp for single 3d6 bolt
Havoc 2-4 ISP Spirit x 2 Instant MBT, Strength check to avoid 2d6" knockback
Speak Language 1 ISP Touch 10 minutes (1/10 minutes) Speak/Read/Write language
Flaming Scales 4 PP Touch Spirit rounds Acts like damage field, but does 3d6 MD, 10 minutes rest before activating again
Metamorphosis Change shape and size at will, and hold indefinitely
Fast Regeneration Make natural healing roll every round, +2 to recover from shaken


Armor Name Armor Toughness Min Str Weight Notes
Armored Hide 16 MDC +6 - - Only in Dragon Form


Weapon Name Range Damage AP Capacity Weight Notes
Claws Melee Str + 3d6 MD 4 - - Only in Dragon Form
Bite Melee Str + 3d6 MD 4 - - Only in Dragon Form
Tail Lash Melee Str + d8 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form, affects 2″×4″ rectangle, ignores Size
Breath (Bolt) 12/24/48 4d6 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form
Breath (Cone) Cone 2d10 MD - - - Only in Dragon Form, Agility -2 to avoid

Dragon Hatchling

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