Race Iconic Framework Rank XP
Human Burster Novice 15


Charlie (full name: Charlotte Wilks) is a petite woman who doesn’t look like much physically. She has a naive beauty about her, with short cut raven black hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and heartening smile. Her personality carries the same warmth as her smile, if a little skittish. She dresses in a simple jumpsuit that hangs a baggy off her slight frame. But should she become angry or demonstrate her true power, she becomes sheathed in blue fire, with eyes glowing the same color.


Agiility Strength Vigor Smarts Spirit
d8 d4 d6 d6 d10
Parry Toughness Pace Charisma Strain Sanity
2 5 6 +2 4 7


Edge Summary
Attractive Charisma+2
Improved Flame Bolt Improves Flame Bolt to 6d6
Danger Sense Notice -2 to detect surprise attacks/danger
Elan +2 when spending a Benny on a trait roll (including Soak rolls)
Rapid Recharge Regain 1 ISP every 30 minutes


Hindrance Effect
Heroic Hero always helps those in need
Loyal Hero never tries to betray or disappoint her friends
Vengeful Character holds a grudge
Quirk Pyromaniac


Skill Die Notes
Psionics d8
Shooting d10
Notice d8
Survival d6
Persuasion d8 +2 from Charisma
Stealth d8
Knowledge (Business) d4


30 0
Power PP ISP/PPE Range Duration Effect
Flame Bolt 0 ISP 12/24/48 Instant 6d6 Fire Damage, Mega Damage, spend 1 ISP for +2 AP, spend 2 ISP for +4 AP
Fiery Aura 0 ISP Personal Until Deactivated or incapacitated 3d6 Fire Damage, +6 Armor, spend 3 ISP for Mega Damage and MDC Armor
Burst 2 ISP Cone Template Instant 2d10 fire damage, Mega Damage, target must roll Agility vs Psychic roll to avoid
Darksight 1 ISP Tough 1 hour (1/hour) halves the penalties for darkness, reduces the penalty up to -6 on a raise
Light/Obscure 2 ISP 6 Light:30 min(1/10 min),Obscure: 3(1/round) Light reduces darkness penalties by -6 in a large blast template area, obscure adds -6 penalty to vision in large blast template area.


Gear Range Damage AP ROF WT Shots Notes
NG-33 15/30/60 2d4+1 2 1 4 20 Semi-Auto
NG-S2 Survival Pack - - - - 30 - -


5 Increased Vigor Increase one attribute by one die type. Vigor goes from d4 to d6. SWCB pg47
10 New Skill Knowledge (Business): d4 SWCB pg25
15 Raise Notice Skill above Attribute Notice goes from d6 to d8. SWCB pg25

Before the fall of Tolkeen, Charlie was a waitress at one of the bars in the city. She hid the fact she was a Burster, not wanting the stigmata the title bore. As the Siege of Tolkeen escalated, her boss, a man she trusted named Maxwell Carter, conned Charlie out of her savings and skipped town. In a rage, Charlie stopped hiding, and with her power burned down the bar.

Charlie eventually escaped Tolkeen, one day prior to the great city’s fall. During the escape, the caravan she was traveling in was attacked by a squad of Coalition bike soldiers. Charlie bravely stepped up to defend the caravan. But once the CS bikers were fended off, Charlie was rewarded for her heroism by being thrown out of the caravan because no one wanted to travel with a potential psychic pyromaniac. Charlie begrudgingly left, but not before the melted the engine block of one of the caravan’s transport trucks.

Through the combination of luck, her own power, and the will to survive, Charlie made her way south for months without incident. She was soon spotted by a patrol out of Castle Refuge. The patrol invited her to the castle and Charlie found herself face to face with the legendary Cyber Knight, Lord Coake. Charlie told the Cyber Knight her story and demonstrated her power. Without so much as a sign of distrust or worry, Lord Coake offered Charlie a spot in his newly formed Tomorrow Legion. Charlie had felt the sting of betrayal and the scorn of others before with her boss and the caravan, so she was hesitant. But the Cyber Knight insistence won out and she joined.

Attitude Towards Fire
Most Bursters talk to the fire, treating it as if it was alive and could speak back. For Charlie, it is more of a zen like philosophy. In her eyes, everything burns with its own flame. Bursters can commune with this flame and coax it to do as they will.


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