General Character Template - Use If Desired

Race Iconic Framework Rank XP
Human Meat Popsicle Novice 0
Parry Toughness Pace Charisma Strain
2 5 6 0 5


Edge Summary
Edge 1 Name Effect on game
Edge 2 Name Effect on game


Hindrance Effect
Hindrance 1 Name Effect on game
Hindrance 2 Name Effect on game


Agiility Strength Vigor Smarts Spirit
d6 d6 d6 d6 d6


Skill Die Notes
Skill Name d4 Any situational bonuses
Skill Name d4 Any situational bonuses


Armor Name Armor Toughness Min Str Weight Notes
Sample Armor 4 +1 d4 3 lbs MD, +2 to Notice (helmet enhancement


Weapon Name Range Damage AP RoF Capacity Min Str Weight Notes
Sample Melee Weapon Melee Str+d6 4 - - - 5 lbs TW, +2 to Fighting for 1 PPE/ISP
Sample Ranged Weapon 12/24/48 2d6 2 2 24 - 3 lbs 3RB, Semi-Automatic
Sample Heavy Weapon 25/50/100 5d6 8 1 1 d10 7 lbs MD, Snapfire


Gear Name Description Weight Notes
NG-S2 Survival Pack 30 lbs Lots of good stuff


0 0
Power PP ISP/PPE Range Duration Effect
Arcane Power 1 PPE 12/24/48 Instant Important Mechanical Effects
Psionic Power 2 ISP Touch Instant Important Mechanical Effects

Feel free to use this template if you wish – it’s based loosely on the layout that Ryan threw together with “Naught”

Again, this template isn’t mandatory – I just think it looks a little nicer than bullet lists :)

The “code” is below:

|_. Race|_. Iconic Framework|_. Rank|_. XP|
|Human|Meat Popsicle|Novice|0|

|_. Parry|_. Toughness|_. Pace|_. Charisma|_. Strain|


h2. Edges

|_. Edge|_. Summary|
|Edge 1 Name|Effect on game|
|Edge 2 Name|Effect on game|

h2. Hindrances

|_. Hindrance|_. Effect|
|Hindrance 1 Name|Effect on game|
|Hindrance 2 Name|Effect on game|

h2. Attributes

|_. Agiility|_. Strength|_. Vigor|_. Smarts|_. Spirit|

h2. Skills

|_. Skill|_. Die|_. Notes|
|Skill Name|d4|Any situational bonuses|
|Skill Name|d4|Any situational bonuses|

h2. Armor

|_. Armor Name|_. Armor|_. Toughness|_. Min Str|_. Weight|_. Notes|
|Sample Armor|4|+1|d4|3 lbs|MD, +2 to Notice (helmet enhancement|

h2. Weapons

|_. Weapon Name|_. Range|_. Damage|_. AP|_. RoF|_. Capacity|_. Min Str|_. Weight|_. Notes|
|Sample Melee Weapon|Melee|Str+d6|4|-|-|-|5 lbs|TW, +2 to Fighting for 1 PPE/ISP|
|Sample Ranged Weapon|12/24/48|2d6|2|2|24|-|3 lbs|3RB, Semi-Automatic|
|Sample Heavy Weapon|25/50/100|5d6|8|1|1|d10|7 lbs|MD, Snapfire|

h2. Gear

|_. Gear Name|_. Description|_. Weight|_. Notes|
|NG-S2|Survival Pack|30 lbs| Lots of good stuff|

h2. Powers

|_. ISP|_. PPE|

|_. Power|_. PP|_. ISP/PPE|_. Range|_. Duration|_. Effect|
|Arcane Power|1|PPE|12/24/48|Instant|Important Mechanical Effects|
|Psionic Power|2|ISP|Touch|Instant|Important Mechanical Effects|


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